5 Surprising Dental Implant Benefits

If you’ve ever lost teeth, you know how difficult normal, daily tasks can become. You’re probably also familiar with the dangers of leaving a gap between your other teeth. However, if you’re not – your other teeth can begin to shift if you leave a gap where your tooth used to be, misaligning your entire bite and potentially causing other painful conditions like bruxism (teeth grinding) or TMJ disorder. Your jaw bone can even be affected. Without a tooth root continuously stimulating your jaw bone, you can begin to lose bone density in your jaw. Dental implants are one of the leading restoration options giving you an extensive list of benefits.

1. Longevity

Dental implants could last your lifetime if they’re properly taken care of. As opposed to many other restorative options that you may have to replace as often as every five or ten years, these actually connect with your jaw bone over a period of time to make for a stronger “tooth.”

2. Resiliency

These “new teeth” are able to withstand bacteria and infection. If gum disease is what took your natural tooth in the first place, you probably won’t have to worry about losing your implant to it again!

3. Aesthetic Appeal

One of the best benefits to restoring your tooth (or teeth) this way is the natural tooth-like appearance. Your dentist will be able to match the crown that goes atop the implant to the shade of your tooth, making for an extremely seamless smile!

4. Functionality

Not only do they look just like your natural teeth, but they function just like them, too! With these strong and durable new teeth, you can bite into crunchy snacks without a second guess.

5. Prevention

Since you’re putting something in the place of your lost tooth, your other teeth likely won’t shift to fill the gap. Furthermore, this option is able to touch your jaw bone, stimulating it just like a natural tooth would. So, you’re preventing any further complications like TMJ disorder, teeth grinding, etc.


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