Do You Suffer From Dry Mouth?

Saliva is a very important factor in keeping your mouth healthy and clean. Without it, your mouth can become dry and extremely uncomfortable. However, dry mouth is not just uncomfortable – it makes it hard to digest food, it creates a good environment for bacteria to grow which raises your chances for tooth decay or gum disease, and it can make it hard to wear your dentures. Are you unsure of why your mouth is so dry? There are several causes of dry mouth, including side effects to medication. Luckily, there are also several treatments! Do you suffer from dry mouth?

Causes Of Dry Mouth

Dehydration – There are several causes for dehydration, however, it could be the cause of your dry mouth if you suspect that you are dehydrated.

Habits – Habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco and greatly reduce the amount of saliva in your mouth, resulting in dry mouth.

Side effect – Dry mouth is a common side effect to many prescription medications and sedatives. If you suffer from another medical condition, it’s possible that dry mouth could be a side effect from that, too. Conditions such as; Alzheimer’s, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, anemia, etc. could cause you to suffer from dry mouth regularly.

What Can You Do?

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! This is the best way to combat your dry mouth. You can never drink enough water. You can also chew sugar-free gum to get your saliva glands going, use a humidifier to bring moisture to the air you’re breathing, and lastly, breathe through your nose (not your mouth!).