All About Implants And Jaw Health

Dental implants offer patients a truly transformative solution for addressing tooth loss. If you have lost one tooth – or all of your teeth – you will be happy to know that implants provide a comprehensive approach to restoring your entire tooth, roots and all. Were you aware that there’s also a lot to think about regarding your jaw health when it comes to implants, on both the good and not-so-great ends of the spectrum? It’s time you learn more, so you have a clearer understanding of the relationship between jaw health, tooth loss, and where implants come into play.

If You Have An Unhealthy Jaw

If you have an unhealthy jaw, this can limit your ability to receive dental implants to restore your grin. Fortunately, jawbone deterioration (which often happens as the result of gum disease) does not completely take away implants as an option. It just makes things a bit harder. You see, the implant needs to “become one” with your jawbone, which happens during a fusing process we refer to as osseointegration. If you do not have adequate bone tissue or the tissue is healthy, you may require bone grafting to replenish and/or regenerate lost tissue.

If Your Jaw Is Healthy (And You’d Like To Keep It That Way)

If your jaw is healthy and you are missing teeth, a wonderful way to safeguard your jaw health is to choose dental implants. Why? Here’s how this works: Implants actually help keep your jawbone healthy. This is because the roots you once had stimulated your jawbone when you bit down or chewed your food. The result? A steady stream of phosphate and calcium appeared in response to keep your jaw strong and healthy. No more roots means no more nutrients because the stimulation ends. Fortunately, dental implants replace your roots and, therefore, replace the stimulation you need.


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