Replacing Your Tooth Without An Implant

Did you perform some significant research only to find out you don’t qualify for a dental implant to replace your missing tooth? Don’t worry, you are not out of options. Rather than feeling disappointed, we encourage you to consider a wonderful alternative solution called a dental bridge. By understanding why an implant is not necessarily the best solution for your tooth loss and focusing on the benefits of bridges, you will find yourself with a beautifully complete smile in no time.

Having Trouble Qualifying for Dental Implants?

Some patients may receive the disappointing news that a dental implant is not the right choice for them. Why might this happen? In most cases, the problem has to do with your jaw health. You see, in order to support an implant, your jawbone must be healthy and full. If there is not enough tissue for the implant to fuse with, you will not be able to enjoy a successful implant surgery and recovery. We may be able to improve your jawbone with bone grafting, however, so you may receive the implant once your jaw becomes healthy enough.

An Alternative Solution To An Implant

Good news! You have an alternative to the dental implant if you are looking for a way to replace a single tooth (or up to three teeth in a row). We offer dental bridges to our patients, which are fixed prosthetics. Just like a dental implant, the bridge will remain in place, so you can quickly adjust and return to comfortable daily eating, speaking, and smiling. What’s a bridge, you wonder? It’s a series of connected artificial teeth – we will bond the crown that rests on either end over the natural teeth in your smile. The replacement teeth between the crowns will fill the gap.


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