All About: Dental Implant Restorations

Before you learn about the types of restorations you can expect for your dental implant, it is important to feel confident in your knowledge of implants. Let’s review the necessary details: An implant is a post that we will place in your jaw through oral surgery. The implant post is usually composed of titanium and will bond with your jaw tissue. Once you have recovered, we can top the post, thereby fully replacing your missing tooth from the root all the way up to its visible portion. By learning about restorations, you’ll have become familiar with the whole package.

What Does “Restoration” Mean?

Restoration is simply a term we use to refer to the dental prosthetic used to top your dental implant. The restoration may include a single tooth or multiple teeth. We use beautiful, lifelike restorations to ensure your smile looks natural and lovely. You may also notice that we use the verb “restore” – as in, “we will restore your implant” – to mean that we will place a restoration (or “top” your implant).

What Types of Restorations Are Available?

You may choose to replace one tooth at a time or many teeth at a time. Replacing a single tooth is possible with the use of one implant and a dental crown. A crown is an artificial tooth with a hollow body. You may also replace multiple teeth in this fashion. Or, you may replace multiple teeth with a larger prosthetic that we will support with two or more implants. For example, we may use strategically placed posts to support a full denture, partial denture, or dental bridge. Not sure what these are? Learn more:

  • Full Denture: This is a complete prosthetic that will replace a full arch of teeth.
  • Partial Denture: This is a prosthetic that will replace multiple missing teeth in most types of tooth loss patterns.
  • Dental Bridge: This prosthetic restores one tooth or up to three missing teeth that have been lost next to each other.


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