Dental Bridges: What to Expect

If you have been doing a bit of homework when it comes to addressing your tooth loss, you may have researched a variety of dental prosthetics. When it comes to teeth replacement solutions, finding the right solution for your concerns, desires, and particular tooth loss configuration can feel a bit demanding. If you have determined that a dental bridge sounds like the best choice for you, your work likely feels somewhat unfinished. After all, now it’s time to find out what to expect from treatment. The good news is that planning for and receiving your bridge is quite straightforward. So, give yourself a pat on the back and breeze through the final details you will need to become familiar with as you begin your smile completion journey:


We always begin tooth replacement selection and treatment by meeting with our patients for a consultation. During this time, we will ask you about your goals for your smile and explain your options. By examining your smile, we can quickly determine whether a dental bridge will offer you the dental prosthetic solution best suited to your needs. This will also give you an opportunity to ask questions.


We will need to take impressions of your upper and lower teeth as a way to begin designing your dental bridge. An impression is simply a mold of your teeth that we take with a putty-like substance. Once we send your impressions to a trusted dental lab, a technician will begin carefully crafting your bridge, which will be composed of a series of artificial teeth color-matched to your surrounding smile.


Your custom-fitted dental bridge designed to blend cosmetically and physically with your bite will fill the opening in your smile. We will cement the crown on either end over your natural teeth, making this a fixed prosthetic (rather than a removable one). You can then enjoy years of enjoyable stability and a beautiful smile.


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