Sedation Dentistry: Your IV Sedation FAQs

If you suffer from severe dental anxiety or other concerns that keep you from scheduling consistent dental visits, you may be truly excited by the benefits of IV sedation. However, if you are already uneasy about dental care, you may find that you still feel a bit on edge about your visit and likely have a list of questions about what to expect from this type of sedation. Fortunately, we would like to reassure you that choosing to enjoy extra relaxation during your visit, whether you come in for a simple appointment or complex care, is a wonderful decision. Not only will you be able to receive the care you need but you may also begin to feel more comfortable about it in general. We have gathered the following information to soothe your mind before your visit. However, remember to call and ask remaining questions, so a friendly member of our team can provide you with answers.

What Is IV Sedation?

This type of sedation includes the use of medication administered through an IV (or intravenously). To provide you with the sedative, we will place a tiny need in your hand or arm, through which the medicine will enter your system. We select a sedative that will relax your central nervous system, which will place you in a deep state of tranquility. You will not fall asleep. However, you will feel very relaxed and calm.

What Are the Benefits?

Avoiding essential dental care may leave you in discomfort or with a decline in oral health. Choosing IV sedation may allow you to access care, while offering you the deep relaxation you need, in addition to the following benefits:

  • It is well suited to patients with severe gag reflexes
  • This sedation option will allow you to remain alert enough to answer questions but you will become unaware of typically unnerving things like sounds, sights, and smells
  • IV sedation offers amnesic effects, which means you will likely forget a portion of your visit – or perhaps the majority of it – once the medicine wears off


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