Wisdom Teeth Removal: Understanding and Preventing Dry Socket

If you have made the decision to have your wisdom teeth removed, you have made a wonderful decision to protect your long-term oral health. While recovery is typically straightforward provided that you follow our aftercare instructions, we feel strongly about ensuring you understand dry socket. This disorder is easy to prevent as long as you are aware of how it forms. By avoiding its development, you can look forward to comfortable, successful healing and a healthy smile. Learn more with the following:

What Is Dry Socket?

This problem may occur after the removal of wisdom teeth when the patient dislodges the clots that forms in the open spaces. Though it is treatable, it is also uncomfortable and will require additional consistent care that may have you visiting our office once daily, so we may encourage the socket to heal. This condition happens because the clot in your socket is your body’s natural way of scabbing and healing. Once the clot is removed, the tissue beneath the clot will then become exposed, potentially leading to an infection and significant discomfort.

How You Can Avoid It

Always ask questions during your appointment, call with additional questions, and take a close look at the aftercare instructions we provide for you. The best advice is first to avoid touching the site of the extraction. Remain mindful of keeping your tongue from wandering into the area even though it may feel like a natural desire. In addition, avoid creating a sucking motion with your mouth, which often occurs by drinking from a straw. Both of these actions may result in a dislodged clot.

How To Detect Dry Socket

The most apparent symptom is the lack of a clot in the extraction site, which may look dry rather than full. You will likely experience pain as well. If this occurs, contact us immediately, so we may guide you toward a solution and improved comfort.


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