Caring For Your Dental Implants: A Quiz

Have you been looking into choosing dental implants to restore your smile by replacing your missing teeth? If so, you probably realize that implants provide an exceptional list of advantages to patients, including incredible stability, the thorough replacement of your entire tooth from roots to crown, and beautiful results that may last a lifetime. You may wonder, however, what it will take to enjoy implants that truly last and last. Fortunately, care is quite simple. To learn more about what to expect and how to provide successful daily care, test your knowledge with the following quiz:

Dental Implant Care Quiz: True or False

  1. True or False: Your implants are made of artificial materials, which means you do not even need to worry about caring for your replacement teeth.
  2. True or False: We will expect you to look for additional best practice suggestions on your own time, so your smile remains in excellent shape.
  3. True or False: Caring for your implants is quite easy – you simply need to care for your smile as if it is still composed of your natural teeth.

Dental Quiz Answer Key

  1. False. Your dental implant is secured within your jawbone and sits within your gum tissue – the restoration rests over that gum tissue. This means that you are still at risk for a variety of dental complications, including periodontal disease and jawbone deterioration. You will need to take excellent care of your smile for the rest of your life no matter what.
  2. False. We will provide you specific information and demonstrations when it comes to caring properly for your implants. If you have questions or concerns, we always encourage you to contact us or to let us know during your appointment.
  3. True. Caring for dental implants requires the same care as your natural smile. You will need to brush two times a day for two minutes each session with a soft-bristle toothbrush. You will also need to floss your teeth once every day.


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