About Dental Implant Placement

When it comes to choosing a dental prosthetic to replace your missing tooth or teeth, the decision may feel a bit overwhelming. To keep you feeling excited rather than unsure, we prefer to offer as much education as possible. If you have been thinking about dental implants to complete your smile, you may be wondering what to expect from the placement process itself. Even though the benefits of implants are commonly unsurpassable when compared with other solutions, we understand that feeling confident about the surgery and your long-term goals still play into your final choice. Learn more with the following:

Before Placement

We will speak with you about your smile goals to help you decide whether a dental implant is right for your tooth loss. If so, we will need to take some preliminary steps before performing the placement. Because implants require a healthy jawbone to support them, we may need to examine your jaw with advanced technology, such as X-rays, to ensure you are ready. We will also need to make sure you are in good health, so you may safely undergo surgery. The next step is planning – for accurate placement, we will create detailed strategy regarding where we place your implant post to promote a beautiful finished result.

About Placement

The surgical procedure typically lasts one hour. Before we begin, we will thoroughly numb the target area for a comfortable treatment. Then, we will surgically place a dental implant post into your jawbone. Over the course of several months, your gum tissue will heal and the post will fuse with the surrounding jawbone, providing a stable root replacement. Once you heal, you will return to our practice, so we may restore or “top” your post with a beautiful dental crown to replace the visible portion of your tooth.


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