Fuel for a Stronger, Healthier Smile

Careful eating habits are vital to a healthy smile. Too much indulgence on sugar can almost guarantee cavity development, and too-frequent snacking on anything can be almost as bad. On the other hand, consuming enough of the right minerals and nutrients is necessary to keep your teeth and gums strong and healthy. Today, we explain a few of the things that can fuel your stronger, healthier smile that you should try to include more of in your diet.

The Healthy Smile Diet


You might know calcium as a building block for your bones. Even though your teeth are not technically bone, as some people mistakenly believe, they also rely on calcium to keep their protective layer of enamel strong. Enamel protects your teeth against oral bacteria that cause tooth decay, and since your body doesn’t produce calcium naturally, your teeth and bones need you to consume it.

Vitamin D

To absorb calcium and utilize it properly, your body needs an adequate amount of vitamin D. Besides calcium absorption, the vitamin also facilitates a number of different vital functions, like cell growth and immune system functions. By helping control your immune system better, vitamin D also helps your body better fight the inflammation responsible for gum disease.


CoQ10 is a coenzyme (coenzyme Q10) with vitamin-like properties that helps deliver energy to your cells, allowing them to perform necessary cell functions. CoQ10 also possesses antioxidant properties that increase your body’s ability to fight off harmful oral bacteria.


Magnesium is another mineral that your body requires to fuel necessary bio-reactions, such as maintaining nerve and muscle health and strengthening your immune system. The mineral improves your cardiovascular function, too, and boosts your oral tissues’ ability to heal.


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