Power Eating for Better Teeth

Sugarplums may dance around this time of year, but sugar itself is detrimental to healthy teeth. Any food which contains large amounts of sucrose will increase and intensify the production of plaque. Plaque is a sticky biofilm which will adhere to your teeth, and eventually turns into tartar when it hardens. Plaque and tartar on your teeth will result in gum disease and tooth decay, over time. Do you think you know which foods to stay away from in order to avoid cavities? Conversely, are you aware of foods which can actually reduce plaque production?

Raw Vegetables

Plaque is a mixture of acid, food debris, and germs. Chomping on raw vegetables such as carrots, celery, cauliflower, and broccoli will actually dislodge and remove food bits while you eat. Nutritional dynamos, cruciferous veggies also take extra effort to chew. Chewing increases saliva production. Excess saliva adds to the elimination of food particles in the mouth, and also helps to neutralize acids.

Olive Oil

Do raw veggies sound a little boring? Consider dipping your vegetables in olive oil. Scientists from the University of Madrid discovered cavity fighting properties in olive oil. The connection was made by connecting low tooth decay and gum disease rates in the people that lived in towns which manufacture olive oil. Oleuropein is the anti-bacterial compound in the oil from olives that not only has the ability to stop the bacteria that cause gum disease, but also bone loss. Additionally, the fat molecules in oils of all types help neutralize acids and prevent plaque from forming.

Strengthening Teeth with Cheese

Just a little chunk of cheese can help harden your teeth. Less than an ounce will assist your smile by keeping enamel intact. Cheese has also been proven to reduce acid levels in the mouth by maintaining a pH balance. Various types of cheese will reduce plaque in your mouth, including cheddar, Swiss, brie, Gouda, and American.

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