Lipstick, Lip Gloss, and…Is Your Beauty Regimen Missing Something?

From neon eyeliner to contouring, makeup and beauty trends are forever changing. Even so, a healthy, attractive smile has timeless appeal. Dr. Shawn Hofkes, whose expertise has made him invaluable to anyone who has a desire for a more appealing smile, explains that porcelain veneers in Cerritos, CA are a must-have for any beauty routine. Veneers don’t just address problems created by stained, chipped, or crooked teeth; they also light up your face with a translucence much like that of your own tooth enamel. In the meantime, here are a few tips for playing up your smile.

Choose Your Lip Color Carefully

Even your choice of lip color can affect the appearance of your natural tooth enamel. Use it to your advantage! A slick of gloss with a violet or blue base will instantly make teeth appear brighter. Although coral and apricot shades are popular during the summer months, these shades tend to make yellow, stained teeth more noticeable. Many of our patients are reluctant to even wear lipstick or gloss, believing that a pop of color might draw attention to cosmetic flaws in their teeth. Such is the beauty of porcelain veneers: You can safely experiment to find your best look.

Keep Lipstick on Lips, Not on Teeth

Lipstick stains on teeth are a classic beauty faux pas. Perhaps you’ve heard the beauty pageant trade secret of slathering your teeth in petroleum jelly. How unpleasant! A more effective technique comes from star makeup artist Pat McGrath, whose handiwork can be found on runways and red carpets across the world:

  1. Using a lipstick brush if possible, apply lip color to the outermost area of your lips; the skin here is somewhat rougher. Expose the inner lip by puckering up as you would for a kiss.
  2. Using a lint-less tissue, carefully blot excess product from your inner lip area. For a more bold look, McGrath recommends layering your color, then repeating this step as necessary to build up the depth of color you desire.
  3. Beware habits that could smudge your lipstick or stain your tooth enamel. This means no gnawing your fingernails, biting your lip, or using your finger to dislodge food from between teeth.

By the way, adds Dr. Hofkes, stain resistance is one of the most beloved benefits associated with high-quality dental porcelain.

Who Else Loves Porcelain Veneers?

Another huge advantage of  porcelain veneers? You don’t have to re-apply them as you would makeup, nor do your teeth require frequent touch-ups as with teeth whitening. With proper care, your veneers could last anywhere from 5 to 10 years. How nice would it be to feel totally at ease flashing your smile? Selfies, family portraits, and the occasional Instagram enthusiast no longer capture images of your tight-lipped smile — let it shine! If you’re worried that veneers might look unnatural, fear not. For evidence of the transforming power of porcelain veneers, you need only glance at a fashion magazine or red carpet event. It’s safe to say that nearly half of Hollywood sports luminous, healthy-looking cosmetic dental work.

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