Are Dental Implants the Most Cost Effective Option for Missing Teeth?

The effects of tooth loss can be devastating for adults of all ages.   Dental implants can restore your missing teeth and your confidence.   If you are considering restorative treatment, dental implant cost may be your biggest concern At our Cerritos, CA practice, we offer high quality implants that are a great investment in your continuing dental health.   A recent study, published in the International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants in 2013 indicates that compared to other restorative options, the durability of dental implants may make them a more economical treatment in the long run.  Regardless of the reason for tooth loss (gum disease, tooth decay, etc.), replacing your missing teeth with dental implants offers a number of benefits over traditional prosthetics such as bridges and dentures. Dental implants provide a permanent replacement to natural missing teeth.

What exactly are dental implants?

Implants are made of a biocompatible titanium post that is inserted directly into the jawbone. The bone tissue bonds with the post and anchors the implant into place. Once the area heals, a restoration will be added to the implant, returning the smile to full function and appearance.

What is the difference between dental implants and traditional dentures?

For years, dentures (“false teeth”) were the most common method of replacing missing teeth.  While they have improved significantly, dentures may not be the optimal solution for tooth replacement, and there are disadvantages to this restorative option.  Dentures may be held in place with a fixative, such as an adhesive paste or wafers. Applying these is generally unpleasant, and their bond is not always secure. They can also slip around, causing discomfort and embarrassment while eating and speaking. This slippage and discomfort can be especially pronounced on the lower teeth, where dentures tend to move more frequently, leading to gum irritation and sores. Dentures also require a great deal of maintenance, including regular removal for cleaning, and they will eventually need to be replaced.

The fact that dental implants are secured in the gum or jaw, makes them very strong.  Implants will not slip or move, eliminating the embarrassment and discomfort associated with dentures. Additionally, dental implants provide the most permanent solution for tooth loss, often lasting a lifetime. They look and function just like natural teeth, and you care for them as you would your natural teeth.

Another advantage to dental implants is that they better preserve the bone.  Anchored into the jaw and integrated with the jawbone, they replace some of the missing tooth root. This helps prevent the gums and bone from deteriorating which can cause recession of the jawbone and facial collapse.

Long-term cost comparison between dental implants and dentures

If you need to replace missing teeth, you are likely comparing the cost of dentures with the cost of dental implants.  While dentures may appear to be a more affordable solution, when you factor in the additional cost of fixatives, cleaning solutions and eventual denture replacement, as well as the disadvantages of slippage, discomfort and pain, dental implants are the most long-term cost-effective solution.  They are durable, comfortable, and often last a lifetime.

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