FAQs: Why Do We Need Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

For many people, reaching adulthood often means the extraction of wisdom teeth. While that may make someone nervous, wisdom tooth extraction is actually crucial for maintaining the health and appearance of your smile. What is wisdom teeth extraction? Why do so many people require this procedure?

Frequently Asked Questions About Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Question: What are wisdom teeth?

Answer: Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that typically arrive once a person enters adulthood, often between the ages of 17 and 20.

Question: Why do I need wisdom teeth extracted?

Answer: For most people, the mouth is only able to hold 28 teeth. Once wisdom teeth erupt, that number is pushed to 32. As a result, misalignment, impaction, and even infection can develop. Extracting the wisdom teeth may be crucial for protecting both the health and esthetics of your smile.

Question: How will I know if wisdom teeth extraction is necessary?

Answer: You should always maintain regular checkups with our Cerritos CA dentist. As your approach adulthood, Dr. Hofkes will examine your smile with dental x-rays, peering beneath the gums and into the jaw. This will allow him to see if you require wisdom tooth extraction.

Question: Does my Cerritos CA dentist offer sedation during wisdom tooth extraction?

Answer: To ease anxiety and ensure comfort during a wisdom tooth extraction, your Cerritos CA dentist offers sedation dentistry. Dr. Hofkes provides multiple forms of sedation, including IV and nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Remember, some forms of sedation will leave you groggy, Dr. Hofkes will tell you if you need to arrange for someone to bring you home. If you have any questions about either wisdom tooth extraction or sedation dentistry, feel free to contact Dr. Hofkes or schedule a consultation.

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