Nightguards in Cerritos CA

A nightguard is a custom-designed oral appliance that Dr. Hofkes can design for you to wear while you sleep. If you experience bruxism (chronic teeth-grinding) each night, then a custom-made nightguard can offer a comfortable and effective solution for protecting your teeth against it.

What Does a Nightguard Do?

Bruxism is a problem for millions of patients, and when left untreated, it can lead to severe tooth damage, malocclusion, and much more. The point of a nightguard is to protect your teeth from this grinding so that you don’t unconsciously destroy your healthy, natural tooth structure. Depending on the source of your bruxism (i.e., TMJ disorder or malocclusion), your treatment may also involve addressing that condition as well as nightly therapy with a nightguard.

What Happens if I Don’t Wear a Nightguard?

Many patients who suffer from bruxism do so without seeking help because they don’t realize that they grind their teeth at night, or they don’t recognize the dangers that it can cause. If not addressed, bruxism can become one of the greatest threats to your oral health. For example, the constant pressure and friction can destroy your healthy tooth structure, which can leave your teeth vulnerable to internal decay and worse. Bruxism can also force your teeth out of alignment, damage your jaw joints, increase your risks of gum disease, and much more.

What Are the Benefits of a Bruxism Nightguard?

By wearing a nightguard when you sleep, you can benefit your oral health in several different ways:

  • The appliance stops your teeth from damaging each other
  • Protecting your teeth can help you avoid more extensive treatment later
  • A better functioning bite improves your quality of life
  • The appliance is comfortable enough to allow you to sleep comfortably
  • And more

If you’ve had bruxism for a while already, then Dr. Hofkes may design your treatment plan around restoring any tooth damage that may have occurred. For instance, if necessary, he may suggest placing one or more dental crowns or porcelain veneers over your teeth to rebuild the compromised tooth structure. Then, your nightguard can be designed to accommodate your restoration as well as your healthy, natural tooth structure.

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