Oral Cancer Options in Cerritos CA

When Dr. Hofkes has a one-on-one discussion with you regarding an oral cancer diagnosis, he will present you with a variety of options. Do not feel limited to a particular course of action. Because oral cancer appears in a wide variety of ways, your options for regaining health are equally varied. Consider those treatments that best fit your diagnosis and lifestyle with the guidance and care of Dr. Hofkes and our team. You will be treated as a close relative through every step of your experience.

What Happens at Stage 0 Oral Cancer?

Stage 0 means your cancer is in a centralized location and has not yet spread throughout your mouth or surrounding areas. The abnormal cells may become cancerous and spread. The surgical removal of tissue layers is possible during this stage, to physically remove pre-cancerous or cancerous cells.

What If I Have Stage I or II Oral Cancer?

During stage I and II, oral cancer has become a small tumor no larger than 1 ½ inches in diameter. Surgery is still an option for removing the cancerous tumor or tissue. In addition, a combined treatment of chemotherapy and radiation may successfully target oral cancer.

Which Treatment Options Are Available for Stage III and IV Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer in stage III and IV is considered “advanced.” During stage III, the cancer grows to a size greater than 1 ½ inches and may spread into a patient’s neck, though not to other parts of the body. As the cancer continues to invade healthy tissue and spreads to a size greater than 2 ½ inches, the disease enters stage IV. These stages may require a combination of surgical removal of tumors and radiation, or radiation and chemotherapy. When tumors become large or spread, surgical removal is challenging. Combinations of two or more options, such as radiation followed by surgery and chemotherapy, present possible oral cancer options.

Do I Have Options If Oral Cancer Returns?

Your dentist and team will provide you with every resource for combating oral cancer once a diagnosis is made. If your cancer reappears, a phenomenon known as recurrent cancer, treatment is still an option for regaining oral health. You will either undergo surgery to remove new growth, or radiation, which will kill cells as they grow.

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Contact Dr. Hofkes and our team if you have been diagnosed with oral cancer or if you have noticed abnormalities. Speaking with your caring dentist as soon as possible is your best option for treating oral cancer and restoring your mouth to its natural state of health. For facts and supplemental information on finding support groups, read through The Oral Cancer Foundation website.

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