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Who Can Tooth Loss Impact?

You may have some very clear ideas about tooth loss and the types or groups of people it impacts. You may guess that only people in their golden years deal with the loss of teeth and the need for replacements. You may assume that the main time this type of serious oral health concern occurs… Read more »

Why Dental Issues Don’t Require Stress! 

Of course, it’s the first thing that happens when you realize something has changed with your oral health. You may not do it intentionally but you might immediately find that your muscles tense up and you feel yourself stressing. Our Cerritos, CA dental surgery team understands that when there’s new territory involved (or you’re faced… Read more »

Clearing Up Common Assumptions About Biopsies! 

We are very aware that there are many words that act as quick triggers for patients within the world of dental care. If we discuss cosmetic care, gentle dental treatments, or brushing, patients feel perfectly fine. However, the moment the term biopsy comes up, we often see that patients recoil and go from calm to… Read more »

How To Prep Your Smile For (A Safe) Halloween

You may feel that of all holidays, Halloween is certainly one that calls for you to throw caution to the wind and to just enjoy the festivities that the experience brings! However, we remind you: This isn’t something that will work for your smile health. Sure, you can tell yourself that you’re going to live… Read more »

Your Wisdom Teeth: Why You Can Relax About Removal

Do you feel like the decision to say yes to wisdom teeth removal, whether your teeth are problematic or not, has been weighing on you? Are you under the impression that this is something you need to think long and hard about and that could cause you some regret later? Good news. You can absolutely… Read more »