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3 Things Not To Do During A Dental Emergency

There are some things you should do during a dental emergency (like call us right away, so we can provide you with whatever your smile needs and you’ll be back in one piece in no time!). Then, of course, there are some things you really shouldn’t do when this type of trauma or upset occurs…. Read more »

Implant Questions You’ve Been Meaning To Ask

When you’re going through your mental files and considering the treatment options you’ve been learning about for tooth loss, you might find that you prioritize dental implants as the front runner. As much as the benefits seem to allow implants to outshine other tooth loss solutions, you might still have a feeling that some important… Read more »

Providing A Valuable Defense Against Dental Anxiety

When a patient is in need of dental surgery, they can suffer active discomfort due to the problem they need to address. They can also be in jeopardy of their situation worsening if no steps are taken to correct the matter. Unfortunately, it can be hard for patients with dental anxiety to take the necessary… Read more »

Dental Implants: Prosthetics, Pressure, And Protection

Yes, you have heard it over and over again: Dental implants are so durable! The prosthetics that restore those implants are quite durable, too. So, does that mean you can just enjoy yourself to your heart’s content without ever worrying about possible damage? Well … not exactly. This just means that if you’re treating your… Read more »

Our Care: What You Can Count On

When you choose a dental surgery practice for yourself, the number one thing you want to know is what you can count on. You’re curious about all that you can expect as far as dental services are concerned. You also want to know that you will be seen by a staff that cares about your… Read more »

The Dinner Detective Show & Harbor Cruise

The Dinner Detective is known for their award-winning murder mystery dinner shows that involve solving a comical mystery while enjoying a four-course meal. Whether you’ve been to a murder mystery dinner before or not – we can guarantee you haven’t seen anything like this before. The Dinner Detective takes things to a whole new level… Read more »

How Are Sleep Disorders Diagnosed?

Sleep disorders like sleep apnea or sleep bruxism can be difficult to diagnose because the patient is usually unaware of the condition. There are signs that issues throughout the sleep cycle may be occurring, however, but they vary depending on the condition. How are sleep disorders diagnosed? If you believe you’re having trouble throughout the… Read more »

What Are The Benefits Of Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is necessary for a variety of reasons, including tooth decay, broken teeth, gum disease, third molars, and other cosmetic reasons. If you aren’t sure about removing your teeth, there are alternatives such as pain medications and other antibiotics that could be short-term solutions. However, completely removing the tooth or teeth that are damaged… Read more »