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Q&A: Customizing Implant Restorations And Bridges

We have discovered that when patients are venturing toward tooth replacement, they are often most anxious about how the finished product is going to look. Granted, regaining the ability to enjoy a full diet of food choices and the ability to articulate one’s words clearly is absolutely wonderful. However, nobody wants these benefits at the cost… Read more »

Quiz: Is A Dental Bridge For You?

As you maneuver your way through your tooth replacement options, you may find yourself flip flopping a bit. Making up your mind when considering how to complete your smile after tooth loss may require some serious thought, asking a lot of questions, and ultimately, figuring out what works best for your needs. If you have… Read more »

Dental Bridge Benefits

When you take a look at the open space in your smile, you may experience a variety of reactions. Many patients feel embarrassed by the new appearance of their smile, some are extremely frustrated by the challenge that tooth loss presents when it comes to dental hygiene, and others feel most upset by the changes… Read more »

Why You Need An Implant

The dental field is always developing new and improved ways to keep your mouth in a healthy state. Having missing teeth puts you at a disadvantage in many ways. You can’t eat what you want. You’re embarrassed to smile. And your oral health is affected in various ways. To keep your mouth healthy, dental implants… Read more »

What Should I Do About My Missing Teeth?

Patients often come to us with spaces in their mouths as the result of a variety of causes. You may have suffered from periodontal disease, which left your jawbone too damaged to support your teeth and you are now ready to restore your smile. Some patients suffer accidental traumas or infections that result in the… Read more »

How to Stop Facial Collapse Following Tooth Loss

The reason why restorative and oral surgery procedures are often necessary is because, in most cases, damage to your teeth and oral structures is permanent. Sometimes, the effects of an issue can continue long after you’ve treated it. For instance, tooth loss can affect the health of your jawbone and remaining teeth even if you… Read more »

Could You Be At Risk for Dry Socket?

Tooth extractions are fairly commonplace in modern dentistry. There may come a time when your tooth is too damaged to be saved and the best option will be to remove it. After a tooth extraction, it is imperative that you follow your doctor’s orders regarding aftercare, or risk a painful and often debilitating condition known… Read more »

Dental Implants vs. Fixed Bridges

The disadvantages of tooth loss extend beyond the obvious oral health problems.  It also results in loss of confidence, and possible problems with eating and speech.  You don’t have to live with that embarrassment.  High quality dental implants at our Cerritos, CA practice may be the optimal choice for replacing missing teeth.