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3 Ways To Head Toward Dental Implants Today! 

When you think about carving a path out for yourself that will eventually yield a complete smile with dental implants, you may feel as though it’s something that’s in the future. You may guess that there are lots of steps that you will need to take to get there. Unfortunately, when you regard the process… Read more »

4 Things To Realize About Dental Surgery

The thought of dental surgery may not be a pleasant one for you right off the bat. While you may have a general understanding that it’s something you require and something that may benefit you, if you’re not completely filled in on the deeper advantages and ways that it can impact your smile (and your… Read more »

When You Don’t Floss: Consequences And What To Do! 

Have you realized that when you choose not to floss your smile, you’re not just skipping over a minor suggestion from our Cerritos, CA team? Instead, what you’re doing is removing a significant part of your daily preventive care that offers immense protection to your teeth and gums. If you’re only now starting to realize… Read more »

4 Reasons A Stable Smile Is So Significant

You know, from what you’ve heard, that when you lose teeth, your smile become somewhat unstable. You have heard, as well, that it’s very important to take steps to replace the teeth you have lost, to do so with the help of a stable solution like dental implants, and to arrive at a complete smile…. Read more »

Why You’re Seeing Us Soon For A Crown

Are you coming in to see us for a dental crown soon? If so, you are most certainly well-informed regarding the reason and why this is the best of all choices for your smile. With that said, we realize you may still wonder about crowns. You have heard that they are quite versatile, so you… Read more »

Questions To Bring To Your Dental Surgeon

You may suddenly realize you’re not really sure what to bring to our attention at our Cerritos, CA practice. Of course, you are well aware that when you come in, you will be seeing a dental surgeon. However, whether this is your first experience with a dental surgery practice or you are feeling a bit… Read more »

Why Tooth Loss Doesn’t Need To Include Worry

When you are faced with the reality of tooth loss, it can seem to you that there’s no room for any emotion but worry. We understand. It’s not a small thing to have happen in the life of your oral health. Happily, however, our Cerritos, CA team shares something very important and very true with… Read more »

Are You Masking (Not Fixing) Smile Problems?

There’s treating your smile problems … and then there’s masking them. Are you certain about which one you’re engaging in? Sometimes, it’s easy to think that what we’re doing for our oral health or our smile issues counts as making them better but in reality, you may actually just be taking steps to make yourself… Read more »